Un(der)cover Lover - RMS Beauty 'Un' Cover-up

I think the title says it all really but I'm going to open this review with a rather bold statement: There is absolutely nothing about this concealer that I don't like. Nada. And that's left me in a bit of a predicament. I'm here at my laptop, fingers poised above the keys, ready to present my findings, weigh up this product's pros and cons, and there just don't seem to be any. Cons, that is. Of pros, there are many. 

So I'm left here staring blankly at the screen and scratching my head because this just never happens. To me, anyway. Never has a product not only met my ridiculously high expectations but exceeded them so easily. From the texture, to the coverage, to the durability, to the shade, to the packaging, RMS Beauty 'Un' Cover-up ticks all the boxes and then some. Holy Grail Concealer, consider yourself found.

Thick and creamy, 'Un' Cover-up applies like a dream straight out of the pot, melting into my skin and leaving it velvety-smooth to the touch. I could not for the life of me get this on to my face using a brush but I reckon the product needs to warm up a little under your fingertips before it becomes spreadable. I usually work it into the sides of my nose and around my chin to camouflage any redness and then pat into place using a damp sponge. As for blemishes, I gently dab a bit of product on each one (yes, there's usually more than one) and then blend carefully into the surrounding areas et voilĂ , flawless. Even if I do say so myself.

The coverage this concealer gives has to be seen to be believed; I sometimes wear it alone as an all-over foundation on days off and it evens out my skin tone beautifully while remaining sheer enough to let my own skin (read: freckles) shine through. It doesn't slide right off my oily T-zone or cling to the dry patches on my cheeks. While I have used it to disguise my dark circles, I do sometimes wonder if it's a tad heavy for the delicate under-eye area although it never sinks into lines or looks caked-on as many a concealer has for me in the past.

And I'm relieved to report that while I was initally worried when I saw that coconut oil (with which I have a love/hate relationship, mostly hate) was first in the list of ingredients, after several months of use there have been zero reactions.

Shade 22 is perfect for my post-winter paleness (I do love me some alliteration) and since it looks like summer won't be paying a visit to The Emerald Isle any time soon, I don't have to worry about it being a little too pink for when (if?) I get a tan. This concealer (£28 from Content) and my Kjaer Weis foundation are a match made in make-up heaven and I genuinely get a little thrill every time I step back from the mirror and see the magic they have worked on my face.

It is my strong belief that make-up should be worn to enhance your skin, not hide it, and that's exactly what 'Un' Cover-up manages to do.

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