Big Hair (Let-Down) - Rahua Voluminous Shampoo

After reading glowing reviews from beauty bloggers the world over, Rahua Voluminous Shampoo seemed like the logical next step in my natural shampoo journey. I agonised for days, hours, weeks, before eventually sucking it up and purchasing from SpaceNK. I've had bad experiences in the past with online shampoo purchases so decided not to risk the full-size bottle and went for the travel-size instead (and of course threw in the matching conditioner while I was at it). I hummed and hawed (again) over whether to go for the original version but seeing as my hair is ridiculously fine (read: flat), I decided a bit of bounce couldn't exactly hurt.

The famed ingredient of this product range is Rahua (pronounced ra-wa) oil, found in the Amazon rainforest. The shampoo itself is both vegan and SLS-free (yay) and has a lovely citrusy scent, sort of lemon and limey, reminiscent of those Twister ice pops you had when you were a kid. The scent is the best thing about it because it's all downhill from there.

I feel like at this point I should point out I live in a particularly hard water area, as commented on by every plumber I've ever had out to fix my washing machine (and usually followed by a hearty recommendation of Calgon tablets). I'm more than willing to believe that my shower water has a detrimental effect on my hair (and skin) and perhaps stops certain products from working as well as they would under other circumstances. Whenever I go abroad, I'm always curious to see how my hair reacts to the change.

Okay back to the shampoo. It's quite a thick gel and foams up nicely but, and this is a big but, it just doesn't leave my hair feeling clean. And I don't mean squeaky clean, I mean it leaves my hair feeling greasier than it was to start with. I tried shampooing more than once, and rinsing until others were banging on the bathroom door for their turn in the shower, nothing worked. I continued determinedly however until a recent visit to the hairdresser when I overheard the stylist telling the girl about to wash my hair that she needed to use a clarifying shampoo not once, not twice, but three times (and let it sit for a minute) because of all the product build-up in my hair.

I was shocked. Having suffered from bacne since I was a teenager, I'd stopped using any hair products (apart from shampoo and conditioner) about six months previously. I've never had to use a clarifying shampoo before in my entire life. As I sat in the backwash chair (a term I had learnt that very day!), I pondered the possible causes of such an extreme amount of build-up and came to the conclusion that it had to be *sob* my new shampoo.

And my sister, younger but wiser, completely agrees. In fact she said she had been meaning to tell me that my hair had been looking like I hadn't gotten all of the shampoo out lately. Cue major mortification on my part, I mean, what must people have been thinking? After the stylist had dried my hair, I could not believe the shine out of it; I think I actually did a double take in the mirror. And since I had requested no extra product, she said that shine was all mine. So it looks like its back to the drawing board (or should that be Google) again.

P.S. I didn't mention the conditioner because I didn't feel it was worth mentioning. I've never been much of a conditioner fan anyway but this one was seriously meh. Sad face.

  1. defo agree with you, this is a real sorry excuse for a shampoo and conditioner duo! Loved reading your thoughts :) xx

  2. Aw you're so sweet! Love your honesty :) x